3rd International Conference
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3rd International Conference on Future Education
“Latin America Perspective”

Windsor Florida Hotel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 12 – 14, 2018


The future of education have been discussed since 2013 when the University of California, Berkeley, held an innovative conference, and in 2017, when the University of Roma TER held the second conference on the subject.

The World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) and the World University Consortium (WUC) have joined the Brazilian Ministry of Education, UNESCO-Brazil, the Brazilian Academy of Education, the International Association of University Presidents and the Fundação CESGRANRIO to hold in November 2018 the "Third International Conference on Future Education – Latin American Perspectives”.

The objective is to identify practical measures to meet the needs and aspirations of key stakeholders in a new education for students, teachers, employers, workers, research institutions, universities, governments and civil society in this region of the world.

The Challenge

Anticipate and address the consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; environmental pressures; rising levels of youth unemployment; social inequality; globalization and virtualization of business models; growth of distance education; globalization of communications; increased intercultural contacts and migration that significantly interfere with educational institutions, students, teachers, and researchers.

The solution

Education is humanity's most effective instrument for consciously conducting social evolution. There is an urgent need for expanding the reach, accessibility and quality of education at all levels. The current model is not sufficient. We need a qualitatively different education, a new paradigm. Updating course content is no longer enough. We need an education that values the person; teaches how to relate to others - as individuals, groups, societies and humanity and work together successfully.


The Conference will focus on the following themes:

1. Early Childhood Learning
2. Person Centered Learning
3. Teacher Education
4. Basic Education
5. Higher and Technological Education
6. Transdisciplinary Education
7. Online and Hybrid Learning
8. Education and Innovation
9. Education and Employment


November 12 - MONDAY




November 13 - TUESDAY




November 14 - WEDNESDAY





November 12 - MONDAY


Accreditation and Registration


Opening Session: Minister of Education and Professor Saadia Beatriz Sanches Vegas – UNESCO Representative,


Panel 01 - Chair: Heitor Gurgulino de SouzaPresident of WAAS and President of WUC
"Critical issues for the future of education"

Garry Jacobs – CEO World Academy of Art & Science and World University Consortium
José Pacheco – Founder of “Escola da Ponte”, Portugal
Rodolfo A. Fiorini – Academic Scientist, Politecnico di Milano, Italy – Member, WAAS




Panel 01 A - Conference - Chair: Fatima Cunha, Member of the Brazilian Academy of Education and Editor of Ensaio Magazine, Brazil
"Education and the 4th Industrial Revolution"

Paulo Alcantara Gomes – Academic Director of Faculdade Cesgranrio, Brazil – Member, WAAS


Panel 02 - Chair: Gerald Reisinger – Sec. General, IAUP, Austria
"Education and Entrepreneurship"

Maurício Guedes – Thecnology Director of FAPERJ, Brazil
Zbigniew Bochniarz – Professor, Kosminski University, Poland- Whashington University, USA – Member of the Board of Trustees, WAAS


Coffee break


Presentation of Papers

“Uma Educação Exponencial para a Agenda 2030”
José Maria Anton – Sec. General of Virtual Educa – Virtual Educa Foundation, Spain

“Using the Voice as Means of Monitoring the Level of Human Discourse”
Ernesto Sh. Korenman – – Biophysicist, psycho-physiologist, Bio/ Neurofeedback Expert.CTO Uni-Talk Ltd., Israel
Yehuda Kahane – Prof. Emeritus, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Member of WAAS

"Realizing Cognitive and Unifying Speech as a Means of Reaching Human Sustainability"
Liora Weinbach – Linguist, the developer of a new methodology for conscious speech

November 13 - TUESDAY


Panel 03 – Chair: Maria Helena Guimarães Castro, Counselor of the National Council of Education, Brazil
"Vision of the Future"

Ronaldo Mota – Chancellor of University Estácio de Sá – UNESA, Brazil
Kakha Shengelia – President of International Association of University Presidents. President, Caucasus University, Georgia. Member of WAAS
Saadia Beatriz Sanchez Vegas – Director, UNESCO, Quito office, Equador


Coffee break


Panel 04 - Chair: Clarisse Olivieri de Lima, Professor, Faculdade Cesgranrio Brazil
"Evaluation as support for quality improvement in education"

Nilma Santos Fontanive – Evaluation Center Coordinator of Cesgranrio Foundation; Member of National Education Council, Brazil
Ligia Gomes Elliot – Coordinator of Master Program in Evaluation, Faculdade Cesgranrio, Brazil


Panel 04 A - Chair: Glauco Aguiar – Professor, Faculdade Cesgranrio, Brazil
“Questionário contextual para avaliações educacionais em larga escala”

Paulo de Martino Jannuzzi, Professor, Postgraduate Program in Population, Territory and Public Statistics of the National Statistical Science - ENCE / IBGE. Professor of Evaluation Management,Faculdade Cesgranrio, Brazil
João Horta Neto,INEP, Brazil
Tufi Machado Soares,UFJF, Brazil




Panel 05- Conference – Chair: Roberto Guimarães Boclin, President, International Academy of Education
"Teacher Training for Basic Education"

Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro – Counselor of the National Council of Education, Brazil


Coffee break


Panel 06 - Chair: Marcelo Marujo, Professor, Faculdade Cesgranrio
"Contextual Interdisciplinary Education"

Benedito Guimarães Aguiar Neto, Rector of Mackenzie University, Brazil
Yehuda Kahane, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv, Israel – Member of WAAS


Presentation of Papers

"Produção de Material Didático para o Ensino de Química: Coleção Audiovisual"
Ricardo Padilha Vianna Filho, Coordination of the Course in Chemistry, Licenciatura, PUCPR, School of Education and Humanities, Brazil
Magda Regina Schmitt, Specialization in Sustainable Management and Environment; Novozymes Latin America, Brazil

"Teaching of Law and Cyberlaw: Pedagogical Possibilities from the Universe of “The Watcher of Tomorrow: Ghost in the Shell"
Heron José de Santana Gordilho – Post-PhD Pace University Law School, USA. PhD UFPE,Brasil. Law Professor, Federal University of Bahia and Catholic University of Salvador, Brasil. Membro of WAAS
Saulo José Casali Bahia – PhD Law PUC-SP, Brasil. Law Professor, Federal University of Bahia. Member of WAAS
Fernando de Azevedo Alves Brito – PhD student UFBA,Brasil. MBA Environmental Sciences UESB, Brasil. Professor IFBA, Brasil

"Poesia, música e outras junções: como forma de aproximar os estudantes da arte e da leitura"
Sirley da Silva Rojas Oliveira – Master in Language Studies, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, UFMS, Brasil.

November 14 - WEDNESDAY


Panel 06 A - Conference- Chair: Rui Garcia Marques, Rector of UERJ, Brazil
"Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation as key development factors. Innovation, Creativity and Technology"

Paulo Barone – Secretary of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Brazil


Panel 07- Chair: Ana Carolina Letichevsky, Academic Superintendent, Cesgranrio Foundation, Brazil
"Call for a New Paradigm in Education"

Alberto Zucconi – President, Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy. Secretary General,World University Consortium; Treasurer, WAAS, Italy
Olivier Crouzet – Pedagogical Director of “École 42”, France


Coffee break


Presentation of Papers

"The Future of Education is Bilingual! - An Analysis of the application of the ExC-ELL Program for Bilingual Education in Adult Learners"
Aitza Haddad – Research Assistant at Florida University, USA

"Higher Education Institutions in the middle of economic, social and political pressures"
Martina Gaisch – University of Applied Sciences, Áustria

"Implementing Concepts of Learning Community and Person-centered Education: Some Practical Remarks"
Zbigniew Bochniarz – Professor, Kosminski University, Poland - University of Washington, USA Member of the Board of Trustees, WAAS

"The experience of UNIFRANZ in Bolivia"
Rita Veronica A. Agreda de Pazos – Rector of Franz Tamayo University – UNIFRANZ, Santa Cruz, Bolivia




Panel 08 - Chair: Rita Veronica A. Agreda de Pazos,Rector of Franz Tamayo University – UNIFRANZ, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
"Online Learning and Hybrid"

Frederic M. Lito – Prof. Emeritus, Universiity of São Paulo; President, Brazilian Association of Distance Education, Brazil
Magdalena Cruz – Vice-rector of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies, Open University for Adults, UAPA, Dominican Republic


Panel 09 - Chair: Rodolfo Fiorini, Milano University, Italy"Education for Full Employment"

Luiz Bevilacqua – Prof. Emeritus of COPPE-UFRJ, Brazil
Neantro Saavedra-Rivano – Prof. Emeritus, University of Tsukuba, Japan – Member of WAAS
Marcel Van de Voorde – Professor, University of Technology Delft, Netherlands. Executive Advisor to Minister for Education and Research, Serbia. Member of WAAS, Belgium


Coffee Break


Presentation of Papers

"Digital Microlearning:Less is More"
Estela de la Garza Flores – Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

"Making education better responding to the changing labour market"
Joanna Bochniarz – President, Center for Innovative Education, Poland


Closing Session and Final Report

Registration Fee:

US$125.00 upon arrival at the Conference in Rio de Janeiro or by Bank deposit in favor of: Capítulo Brasileiro

Banco Bradesco - 237

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Account: 16259-0

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Windsor Florida Hotel

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